Budget, Procurement, and Installation

planning lighting Church lighting specialists have a number of requirements to meet in order to keep the cost of lighting within the church's specifications and budget. Most churches want lighting that is energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Energy consumption is not the only consideration when planning church lighting. Most churches committees have a budget they must meet. Will the church require new lighting? Will they need to add additional lighting fixtures to the current number of lights already installed? Will the church restore or retrofit old fixtures with newer lighting technology? What new controls will be needed to dim or increase the amount of light? Will the wiring in old churches handle additional voltage? How much heat from lighting will affect the HVAC system? How much maintenance will the lighting require? Who will install the lighting?

Most of these questions can be discussed with and solved by a qualified lighting consultant. A lighting design professional will generally specify type of equipment, fixture material, layout of fixtures, and light calculations for the building, along with detailed drawings. A meeting between the architect, the lighting consultant, and the church members can help develop a plan and a budget that meets both aesthetic and operational objectives.