Church Lighting Fixtures

church lighting fixtures Light fixtures are devices that produce artificial light by use of electric lamps or bulbs. Traditional light fixtures contain a body and a socket as well as a power source connection. This power source may be directly wired and permanent or connected via a plug for moveable fixtures such as table lamps. Decorative, outer shells often surround light fixtures.

Church lighting fixtures are usually designed in styles that enhance the worship space and coordinate with the church building's architectural elements. Designing these fixtures is an art and a science that combines fixture shape, material and finish, light technology, and type of mounting. The designer may select suspended pendant light fixtures, fixed ceiling light fixtures, sconces or wall light fixtures, or directional light fixtures. These light fixture choices may be selected from contemporary or traditional styles.

Architects often use lighting design specialists to determine solutions for effective lighting throughout the church building. These specialists can specify what fixtures are needed to produce the required light for aesthetic purposes and quality of light, intensity, and layout. They can also determine what exterior lighting is required for walkways and entrance areas. These exterior light fixtures identify the building as a place of worship, brightly light the entrance, and provide security.